Need for Speed MW - Graphics Mod

step 1. backup the apk if your installed game to your sd card (by any means available such as apksaver or titanium backup from the market) otherwise if you're rooted browse to /data/app and you will find

step 2. Download this zip and Extract the NFS13 Folder from the archive anywhere you like but keep it all together and remember location where you extracted it (I suggest your desktop for convenience)

step 3. copy the game .apk to the NFS13 Folder included in the archive.

step 4. open the APK-GM.exe in the NFS13 folder (extracted in step 2)

step 5. choose your flavor of the mod. (I suggest Fast for smoothish gameplay)

step 6. click Browse and open the backup of the .apk (should be in NFS13 Folder)

step 7. click Patch, it will take a few minutes depending on how fast your computer is.

step 8. once a window pops up that says "patching complete" click ok (at this point you can close the patcher) and a new .apk will be in the "/NFS13/Signed" folder.

step 9. place the .apk file (e.g. NFS13/Signed/ onto your sd card.

step 10. install the .apk from your sd card, using your favorite File Manager app, and overwrite your current install (save game progress will be in tact)

original post for the mod is here on xda. This is just a modified all in one I put together to adapt it for our xooms 

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20-01-2016 12:06
Karl Hudgell
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