Install CWM and Root

Part One - CMW Install and Root command line 

In this thread, I'll describe a simple, fast, and definitely safer than SPFTools.
SPFTools VCOM working on ports that are not always recognized, sometimes give problems also installing special drivers, they are almost always a problem for Windows because of the signatures on the driver.

Closed this little digression for information, we start with the drivers:

Driver Lenovo K3 Note + PDAnet+: 


Install all drivers Lenovo inside. Once you finished enable the USB debugging and wait for Windows to complete its configuration.

When completed restart the PC and install the utility on the device:

Without this included in your terminal this .zip file to obtain permits Root later:


Now download this Minimal ADB (with Recovery K3 notes included) from here:

Minimal ADB & Fastboot + K3 Note Recovery (CWM):

Now comes the fun part!
Unzip the zip file and open the file py_cmd.exe and quietly run these commands:

adb devices
To ensure that the PC recognizes the device, and if it should be unauthorized make sure that USB debugging is enabled.


adb reboot bootloader
This command will reboot the phone on a black screen, going in fastboot .


fastboot devices
This command will confirm the above.


fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
This command will install the much sought CWM, but it is not over yet!


fastboot reboot
This command will restart the device.

Perfect! now to get root permissions, there will be that off the device, wait a few seconds and turn it on using this key combination:




Wait until the CWM is not playing, choose obviously the English language.
Subsequently searching

install zip

... and subsequently ...

choose zip from /sdcard

... looking for that zip file SuperUser inserted at the beginning.

Et voila! The device is unlocked and ready to receive new rom and functionality!

Best Custom ROM for K3Note

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