Install Squeezebox SVN trunk Server2012

  1. Download and install ActiveState perl (Perl 5.10 is required to run Squeezebox Server 7.4. For SqueezeCenter 7.3, use the latest 5.8 version)
  2. Download and install TortoiseSVN
  3. Create a folder C:\Program Files\SqueezeboxC:\Program Files\Slimserver or C:\Program Files\SqueezeCenter. only looks for files in one of these folders during startup, so you must use one of the three folder names for the server to start.
  4. Browse to this folder in Explorer
  5. Right-click and choose "SVN Checkout"
  6. Enter [1] as the "URL of Repository" ("7.4" should be replaced by the release version number you'd like to base your installation upon (e.g. "7.3", for a demonstration follow the link with your browser).
  7. Click OK and wait until the Checkout completes
  8. This step is not required for 7.4. Browse to the C:\Program Files\Slimserver\server folder. Check to see if there is a folder called "Cache". If it doesn't exist, create it.
  9. only looks for scanner.exe which doesn't exist when running interpreted perl. You need to tell the server to use instead. Browse to the C:\Program Files\Squeezebox\Slim\Utils\OS folder and create the file called with the contents below. Replace the "Squeezebox" in the PATHs with the folder name you created above, if different.
package Slim::Utils::OS::Custom;
use strict;
use base qw(Slim::Utils::OS::Win32);
sub initDetails {
       my $class = shift;
       $class->{osDetails} = $class->SUPER::initDetails();
       # Make sure we can find any CPAN modules packaged with Squeezebox Server.
       unshift @INC, 'C:/Program Files/Squeezebox/CPAN';
       # Make sure plugin files are found.
       push @INC, 'C:/Documents and Settings/All Users/Application Data/Squeezebox';
       return $class->{osDetails};
sub scanner {
	return 'C:/Program Files/Squeezebox/';
  1. The latest 5.10 ActiveState perl requires Digest::SHA1 to be newer than 2.11. Version 2.11 is still included within the source and needs to be removed before attempting to start the server. Browse to the C:\Program Files\Squeezebox\CPAN\Digest folder. Right click on, select TortoiseSVN->Delete and add to the ignore list-> After an exclaimation mark is added to the icon, delete the file.
  2. Run "C:\Program Files\Squeezebox\"
  1. Browse to http://localhost:9000 to check it's working.
  2. Finally, go to Server Settings and set your Music Folder location.
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